The First Place Building is one of the four buildings the contestants sleep in during Total Drama Alphabet. As could logically be expected by the name, the 1st place building is the cabin that the challenge winners sleep in.

The building is considered a 'luxury cabin' as it has eight individual bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a game room. The beds themselves are of the best quality, or at least a lot better than the other buildings.

Teams in building by episodeEdit

  1. A is for Arrival- Team Himalayas
  2. You Cannot Beat Air Man!- Team Amazon
  3. A Little Help- Team Moon
  4. C Is For Dr. Clause- Team Amazon
  5. Food So Plastic, It's Fantastic- Team Moon
  6. Factor Phobia- Team Moon
  7. Stop That Pigeonholed Villain!- Team Moon
  8. My Life As A Teenage Health Nut- Team Moon
  9. Triskaidekaphobia- Team Moon
  10. Sandcastle Hassle- Team Amazon
  11. Talent Trouble - Team Amazon
  12. Unfair Funfair - Team Amazon


  • As of day 12 Danielle is the only camper not to sleep in the first place cabin due to being in the punishment shack at the end of A is for Arrival.
  • The eight original members of Team Himalayas (Bob, Candice, George, Isis, Leanne, Ophelia, Ulysses and Yancy) slept here on the first night. However, that was the only night they slept in that building, since not only did Team Himalayas not come in first in any challenge since then, but all eight of those members have been voted off as of this writing.
  • Team Moon, as of day 10, is the only team to spend more than one night in the 1st place building in a row.
  • Hank mentioned in A is for Arrival that he could be found in the first place cabin. This might have been a foreshadowing that he would end up on the strongest team, Team Moon.