When a team loses a challenge they must vote out one of their own members. This is done at the Bonfire ceremony. It is held at the end of each episode besides the first. Instead of marshmallows the contestants are given alphabet blocks (or occasionally something in its place). The person who doesn't recieve an alphabet block is voted off the Island ... and ejected into the sky

How Bonfire Ceremonies WorkEdit

As previously mentioned, the losing team of the episode has to vote one of their own members off. They may vote for whoever they want, though it is unknown if they can vote for themselves. After the votes have been tallied the contestants will have their names called one by one by Izzy (or sometimes Bridgette) until only two are left without one.

The last two are always those with the most votes. The final alphabet block will be given out after a dramatiuc pause; the person who does not recieve it is eliminated.

The ceremony does not stop there though; Izzy (or Bridgette) will then press the button of a remote that will make the chair the loser is sitting in spring violantly up into the air and send the person voted off flying into the stratosphere. Presumably they land in the water by Playa des losers as none of the voted off contestants in Total Drama Sadie I had any visible injuries.

If there is a tie in the votes somebody from a different team is randomly selected and they must choose who is eliminated. It is unknown what happens if they cannot decide. Either way the tie will end up broken and somebody will be out.

Alphabet Block TotalsEdit

Here is a list of the total number of alphabet blocks (and other saftey symbols) that each contestant has so far recived.

Team AmazonEdit

Alistair- 3

Frederique- 1

Katrina- 3

Mallory- 1

Percy- 2

Rachel- 3

Walter- 0

Xuxa- 3

Zack- 2

Team HimalayasEdit

Bob- 5

Candice- 1

Danielle- 6

George- 7

Isis- 2

Leanne- 0

Ophelia- 6

Ulysses- 3

Yancy- 4

Team MoonEdit

Elizabeth- 0

Hank- 0

Jennie- 0

Nicole- 0

Quincy- 0

Stephanie- 0

Todd- 0

Veronica- 0


  • Zack was locked in the punishment shack for Team Amazon's first ceremony; as such he didn't get an alphabet block.
  • Leanne and Walter were the first voted off their teams so they didn't get an alphabet block.
  • Team Moon hasn't lost yet. Thus none of it's members have been to a bonfire ceremony and earned an alphabet block.
  • So far George has recieved the most alphabet blocks / symbols of safety.