Total Drama Alphabet Elimination TableEdit

Name Gender Team Rank voted off team Episode Voted Off Ranking Reason Voted Off
Leanne Male Team Himalayas 9th You Cannot Beat Air Man! 26th He whined and complained throughout the challange. He was also rude to his team mates, bit Candice and called ehr a slut as well as pushing George down.
Walter Male Team Amazon 9th A Little Help 25th He chickened out of the challenge almost instantly and tried to blame it on Katrina; plus he offered nothing to the team according to Rachel. Rachel 'convinced ' Percy to vote with her and the girls. With a majority of the votes against him Walter was eliminated.
Candice Female Team Himalayas 8th C Is For Dr. Clause 24th Danielle conspired to get her voted off because she didn't like Candice and was jealous of her appearence.
Frederique Male Team Amazon 8th Food So Plastic, It's Fantastic 23rd He had told Rachel and Xuxa he didn't want to date them (and could have used better words). Rachel made the team throw the challenge so they could vote him off. Zack was the swing vote and sided with the girls. Frederique was voted off 4-3.
Isis Female Team Himalayas 7th Factor Phobia 22nd Danielle convinced some of the others to vote for Isis. It ended in a tie and Stephanie was chosen as the tie breaker and voted for Isis because she found her annoying.
Ulysses Male Team Himalayas 6th Stop That Pigeonholed Villain! 21st His nasty sexism and homophobia as well as calling George a cripple. It ended in a tie between him and Danielle. Percy was chosen as the tie breaker and sicne he thought Danielle was hot he voted for Ulysses.
Yancy Male Team Himalayas 5th My Life As A Teenage Health Nut 20th Before the challenge Danielle said he was deadwieght and told her allaince to vote him off if they lost. Yancy did all the work but only just lost. Because of this Yancy was voted out 3-2
Percy Male Team Amazon 7th Triskaidekaphobia 19th His extremely perverted attitude creeped everyone out and he called Lindsay a 'stupid bitch' and he also bullied Zack and called Sadie an 'ugly whore'. Once again Zack sided with the girls and Percy was voted off
Bob Male Team Himalayas 4th Sandcastle Hassle 18th He blew up his team's sandcastle due to being manipulated by Todd
Ophelia Female Team Himalayas 3rd Talent Trouble 17th Her talent (touching her nose with her tongue) got the worst score out of all the acts. It was a tie between her and George due to the fact Danielle chose not to vote between them. Xuxa was the tie breaker and voted for Ophelia because she thought Danielle was in Ophelia's body. (Danielle and her pretended to switch bodies in order to get Danielle out of her funk.)
George Male Team Himalayas 2nd Unfair Funfair 16th It was a tie between him and Danielle; the tie breaker was Katrina and she voted for George so she could get revenge on Danielle.