Frederique OC for TDABC by Frank35
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Black
Episode Eliminated Food So Plastic, It's Fantastic
Place 23rd
Relationship Riley Kay (a girl from his hometown)
Family Mother, Father
Friends Alistair, Percy, Walter
Enemies Rachel, Xuxa, Katrina, Zack
Fear Unknown
Talent Attracting attention without meaning to
Nicknames Frrrederique, Spawn of Satan, Figglehorn
Frederique OC for TDABC by Frank35
Frederique Jonathan Hitswell, labelled the 'Oblivious Hottie', was a contestant on Total Drama Alphabet and was a member of Team Amazon.


Frederique lives a nice life. He works out a lot, which is obvious to all the girls--and guys--who swoon over him, though it's hard to tell if he's ever noticed them. He often seems in his own little world, deep in thought. He's also pretty intelligent, but who cares, really?


Frederique is generally civil and polite. When he is pushed too far her can get really angry as Xuxa found out the hard way; he also doesn't like being touched. Frederique seems quite humble about himself as he thinks he is average looking and not that interesting.


Frederique was the 5th camper to arrive in A is for Arrival; Rachel immediately became smitten with him and flirted with Frederique though he just seemed a little confused. When Xuxa arrives she claimed Frederique as her love and glomped him; Frederique didn't seem to mind but he asked Xuxa to let go of him. Before the first challenge both Rachel and Xuxa wanted Frederique on their team and argued over him. Frederique seemed exasperated over this. During the first challenge he searched for boxes with Bob, Danielle, George and Percy. Danielle flirted with Frederique and messed up her words a little; it is revealed Frederique likes math and thinks The Matrix is a good movie despite the memes. When Bob and Percy fall down Todd's trap Frederique leaves to search for a box by himself. He is later seen with a box by Jennie. Frederique escapes the Punishment Shack and becomes a member of Team Amazon.

In You cannot beat Air Man! Frederique is kept up at night by Rachel and Xuxa fighting over him; he assures Alistair nothing will happen and seems irritated when the rich snob pokes him. During breakfast Rachel and Xuxa flirt with him though he asks to be left alone. During the challenge Rachel and Xuxa repeatedly show off for Frederique with help from Katrina, he says in the confessional he thinks Rachel is unpleasant to be around. Frederique is eliminated from the challenge by Pharaoh Man/Noah. Rachel is horrifed by Frederique says he's just out of the challenge. He leaves back to camp to wait until the challenge is over. Because Team Amazon finished in first place Frederique is safe from elimination.


  • Frederique is confirmed to be of Hispanic descent.
  • He is the only camper, so far, to be confirmed to be in a relationship before joining the show.
  • He is able to speak, or at least understand, Spanish.