This article focuses on the conflict
between Jennie and Stephanie.


Jennie and Stephanie have a hate-hate relationship and both dislike the other. Stephanie is annoyed by Jennie's love of animals and activist lifestyle while Jennie greatly dislikes Stephanie for mocking her beliefs and not taking her seriously. While the two never got along they did have a moment of civilness in Stop That Pigeonholed Villain! but due to the events of My Life As A Teenage Health Nut their conflict seems to have been cemented.


In You Cannot Beat Air Man! Stephanie asks the point of the challenge; Jennie replies it is to help them get inb touch with nature and tells Stephanie to admire the squirrel. When Jennie points out that Elizabeth agrees Stephanie saracsticly says she should trust the opinion of such an 'upstanding citizen' and glares at Jennie.

In A Little Help Stephanie tells Jennie to shut up when Jennie complains about the chocolate bar that Nicole is eating. Jennie yells back at Stephanie. During the challenge when Stephanie refuses to jump the cliff Jennie says in the confessional that 'for somebody who thinks she's better than everyone else Stephanie isn't winning anyone over'.

In Food So Plastic, It's Fantastic Stephanie forbids Jennie from helping with the cooking challenge despite that she wants to help. Stephanie insults Jennie's food by calling it 'stupid'. Later on Stephanie doesn't take Jennie seriously and called her food 'horrible'. Jennie gets quite annoyed with Stephanie and says she wishes she would reconsider but Stephanie simply says 'not happening'. When Team Moon is about to lose Jennie arrives with fruit dishes and wins the challenge for the team. In the confessional Stephanie says she can never show her face in her home town again. Also in the confessional Jennie cheerfully tells Stephanie to get over herself.

In Factor Phobia Jennie responds sarcastically when Stephanie says she (Stephanie) is perfect. Stephanie replies it was Jennie's fault they nearly lost the previous challenge despite it being Stephanie's fault in this case. Jennie dares her to say it to her face which Stephanie does. Stephanie also says Jennie doesn't deserve cake though Jennie says she wouldn't eat it. Jennie agrees with Stephanie that the food is a trap though says it feels disgusting to agree with her. When Stephanie admits her fear because of the truth syrum Jennie tries to comfort her; but Stephnaie sobs that she isn't supposed to mess up but everyone expects Jennie to. Jennie pushes Stephanie away and tells her to go bother someone else.

In Stop That Pigeonholed Villain! Jennie and Stephanie climb the cliff to destroy Todd's 'Lasinator'; when they succeed in winning the challenge they hug but quickly let go and agree to never speak of the moment.