Total Drama Katie, is a spin-off from Total Drama Chris, which takes place before Total Drama Alphabet, and is written by Reading10.


While Izzy and Bridgette are busy preparing for Total Drama Alphabet Wiki, Katie gets the green light to do her own spin-off. Taking Sadie and Noah along with her, Katie brings fourteen new contestants to the abandoned film lot to compete in challenges based off of movie genres for one million dollars!


1. Jess, the Free Spirit

2. Bailey, the Judgemental Musician

3. Darren, the Scaredy-Cat

4. Ursula, the Really Bad Girl

5. Adam, the Gonzo

6. Lily, the Dumber Blonde

7. Miller, the Drunken American

8. Aly, the Environmentalist

9. Miley, the Over-Achiever

10. Abby, the Cheerleader

11. Blaine, the Weird Actor

12. Arnold, the Geek

13. Ashley, the Drama Queen

14. John, the Goth


  • This is the second spin-off to be written of Total Drama Chris and Total Drama Alphabet, behind A is for Alyssa.